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February 11, 2006



You do an excellent job of pointing out the absurdity of those who have complained, particularly about Rev. Lowery. (What happened to the importance of everything faith-based, I found myself wondering while reading such critiques.)

If you did not know, Peggy Noonan had a surprising piece in Friday's Wall Street Journal exhalting the proceedings. This is the first and perhaps only time I will ever recommend one of her articles:


Stephen M (Ethesis)

"IT'S TIME TO TAKE a stand against civility, decency and appropriateness."

Republicans tell me that all the time. I disagree with them when they say it.

Dean C. Rowan

Search Leiter Reports for for "civility" to view earlier contributions to this discussion. I think arguing "against civility," however, is throwing out the baby with the bath water. It's an impulsive response, largely because civility is undervalued, and so it's very easy to dispense with it. (Not only easy, but lucrative. Look at the virtuosic incivility of Howard Stern, for instance.) What does a Sean Hannity know or care about manners, decorum, or decency? Why should his ad hoc standard, postulated in a fit of name-calling, be tacitly accepted if only to refuse to satisfy it?

Rosa Brooks

Don't worry, I am not really against being civil. Only when "civil" is code for "stop speaking truth to power," as it very often is!



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