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February 09, 2006



I quite agree with this, and when Typepad is working again (it hasn't been for the last half hour), I will post a link to your remarks.

John Lopresti

Northern CA press, like that in southern CA, I might add, by way of fairness in parallelism, has had a kind of Murdochization long since. Your observation that part of this tempest is in a reactionary tepot is correct. It is always a pleasant surprise to discover academia in many environs harbors the inquisitive intellect and openness of debate, and, at the end of a carrel row beneath a bemothed fluorescent light is the honors student ensconced in stacks of ages' writings.
There are many reasons for the public parade of UCs pecadilloes, some on either side of the political spectrum. There are those who still regret UC regents led the anti-Affirmative action and Bakke backlash movements, gave tenure to a professor here unnamed who coauthored the Bybee torture-of-humans memos. There are ostensible moderate neoRepublicans who stand for balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class, since the backs of the poor and unemployed have become less durable. And I see a certain reflexive consciousness gathering: a denouement that internet is enabling some bright minds to do workgroup activities from home, thereby creating a dispersed knowledgeWorkerForce, if you will, or a fusion of research efforts.
How wonderful it would be if our next governor in CA genuinely was for UC excellence. However, UC is monolithic, and to that extent the critiques are cathartic. I have worked in one of the adjunct offices for a Chancellor; and even discarded a TA job a long time ago in one of the best universities in my field in the midwest, because of a subjective yen for a more urbane setting and a thirst for knowledge which would go unsated in many respects in Bloomington, at least in that time.
I would be interested in the impressions this scandal is making in the UC Santa Cruz campus, and the three principal central valley campuses. I always think first of Boalt and Berkeley, or even UC Med Center campus in San Francisco, having pursued a lot of my most serious endeavors in that part of the state, though UCLA clearly is the predominant campus.
Similarly, in the long ago I rejected an invite to participate in study in Irvine, though recently that campus has shown itself to be quite independent and scholarly.
With the kind of political leadership we have in CA it is a stretch to expect vast improvement in UC though there is deep appreciation throughout the legislature. I do not mind peeling paint and distraught legal scholars seeking precedent on the rare hot day on the upper campus. Bepress, one of their news organs, is still a wonderful source of creative legal theory. I like to examine the blogrolls when research time permits, as if even these beginnings have taken me only to the fringes of some important workgroups in many significant fields.
The SF Chronicle is a good paper, despite its takeover by the Hearst Corp.; it has retained some identity. Even the neoLATimes has its tendencies toward archeoConservative airs; though usually if I have an online choice, unless I am familiar with the byline, it is usually a given that I will feel more at home reading LAT as a more straightforward reporting of events.
Somewhere between SCF-LAT are the blogs, like your new group. I look forward to my next visit here.


The article may also send some of us who teach undegraduates into the law market! I knew, of course, that the pay scales were different. But the law school salaries are so much higher than I had imagined--and that is at the "lower paying" UC system -- that it is a bit demoralizing. After twenty years of working extremely hard at teaching undergrads, I make 1/4 to 1/3 of the salary of colleagues know and admire in the UC system. And I'm at a "wealthy" private institution! Teaching undergrads just isn't worth anything close to teaching law students.

I guess that I'd like the "how much should professors make?" question to be broader in scope.

Stephen M (Ethesis)

particularly given the much higher costs of living they face in LA and the Bay Area.

No offense, but what kind of housing can they afford in those markets at those salaries? My wife's aunt just sold her two bedroom, one bath home for $890K. If the profs have kids and want a four bedroom home, I don't see how they can make house payments (I'm amazed anyone can, yet obviously millions of people do).

Yes, I realize that there is a scale, with adjuncts supporting the system and law professors at the top, and yes, I'm impressed that Texas is willing to pay the UT professors more, especially given how much cheaper it is to live in Austin without a state income tax, but ...

I'm completely unable to formulate the answer to the questions posed here or at Leiter's site.

Coach Outlet

Chief Justice Robert's decision for the unanimous Court in in the law school/military recruiting


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