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February 07, 2006


Dean C. Rowan

There's meaning and meaning. My wife is due to deliver our first in a little over a month. I'm very involved in the planning, visits to the OB, and other essential arrangements, but I'm not the one suffering from the constant and palpable consequences of the pregnancy. I get to enjoy denial from time to time, for example. She doesn't. So in one respect, there is a significant distinct meaningfulness for women. (Not that Shulamith Firestone wasn't on to something.) That aside, I would not be inclined to look to the Supreme Court for indicia of the progress of the evolution of sex and gender relations. These relations are clearly "bottom up" phenomena which occur in largely non-legal circumstances. The Court's assertion in Nguyen that this meaningfulness has legal force perhaps only tells us how far the Court has or hasn't come.

John Lopresti

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