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March 27, 2006


John M. Kang

Hi Jessica,
Interesting topic. I know pretty much nothing about film but my dissertation and some of my articles are about "authenticity," or rather, "sincerity," a kind of close cousin. I've found sincerity to be a slippery term to define, and so, too, authenticity. How are you defining the latter? Also, you seem to hint in the blog post that authenticity comes pregnant with its own tropes and styles, things that can be conscripted to fake authenticity. This then invites the Plutarch view that the less something looks authentic, it must actually be authentic. But that seems weird and not especially helpful. What do you think? How can one as an observer (or even actor, in its myriad meanings) get to what's "authentic," whatever that means?


I am not eager to define authenticity, except to say that I think it a placeholder for that state or status that is believed to be most true, stripped of pretension, performance and constituted by instinct and the subconscious. But I should say also that most of the time authenticity operates, I think it does so as an ideology, a belief system that aims to hide the mechanisms of its own construction. That said, I am not sure defining authenticity helps much, except to say that we care about it and likely cannot every be sure to know it when we see it.

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