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April 06, 2006



Well for starters 'Twelve Angry Men' of course to talk about how juries deliberate, particularly in jurisdictions (unlike the USA) where jury research is prohibited

Also the clip from 'Chicago' where Richard Gere parodies the trial as a circus - the Razzle Dazzle - just as something to make students in advocacy classes think about what lawyers actually do and the differences between factual, legal and presented truths

Actually there's an article from David Langwallner on using film in law teaching in the Independent Law Review (Ireland) which is at available at this link: http://www.claruspress.ie/ILR%20Vol%201%20Issue%203.pdf

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Rule of Perpetuities scene in Body Heat. It's a classic

Hirbod Rashidi

I have used the following in my criticism of the "penumbra" approach to constitutional interpretation:

In the Australian comedy “The Castle,” the government, in an airport expansion project, was attempting to exercise its “compulsory acquisition” authority to purchase the Kerrigan home. Darryl Kerrigan, the patriarch of the family, believing in the adage that “a man’s home is his castle,” decided to fight the government.

At the initial court hearing, the following exchange takes place between the judge and the solicitor, Dennis Denuto, hired by Kerrigan to represent him:

Denuto: “It’s the Constitution of Australia. This is a blatant violation of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. And when it comes to violations they don’t come any bigger.”

Judge: “What section of the Constitution has been breached?”

Denuto: “What section? There is no one section. It’s just the vibe of the thing.”

Judge: “I am afraid, Mr. Denuto, you have to be more specific.”

Denuto: “I was just starting general and then getting more specific with it. Just one moment please. [Thumbing through the constitution.] It’s all part it. This is what I’m getting at. That’s my point. It’s the vibe of it.”

Judge: “Do you have a precedent that supports this vibe?”

Denuto: “Yes! Yes I do! Just one moment.”

Denuto cites an irrelevant decision and continues: “Again it’s the vibe of it.”

After a sidebar, Denuto says: “In summing-up, it’s the Constitution…it’s justice, it’s law, it’s the vibe and… no – that’s it, it’s the vibe. I rest my case.”

After a short recess, the court finds in favor of the government.

Regardless of its applicability to the classroom, the movie is well worth checking out!


Are there any copywrite laws violated by using film clips in training or classroom sessions. Does anyone have any links to guidance?

Jordan Retro 8

Just as the saying goes that you are never too old to learn. I believe it. At first keeping reading all the way can enrich our leisure and knowledge. We can learn a lot from reading. Do you think so?


Do not get your girls wear a plain white bridesmaid dress on stage in order to avoid distracting.


Fell out of bed feelnig down. This has brightened my day!

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