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July 03, 2006



Well, did Bush commit war crimes?

Joshua Dienstag

Rosa -- my collegiate newspaper experience is a little rusty but ... article writers generally don't know where their articles will appear in the paper, and whether they will run over one column, two columns or many columns of text. Generally, the font size of headlines is fixed by paper style so you can't really write a headline until you know what space you have to fill. And headlines generally need to fill the space alloted, white space being frowned upon. This makes for tricky writing, esp with one and two-column heads, since words can't be hyphenated in headlines and short words can leave too much white space while other word combinations won't fit so .... editors write heads at the last minute.

Orin Kerr

I had a similar experience when I wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times on how Justice O'Connor's replacement might change the direction of the Supreme Court. The editors chose the headline, "O'Connor's Successor Will Likely Be a Swinger." Hmm, not exactly what I had in mind.

Ibn Kafka

Well, I would add my voice to that of "guest": is it that far-fetched to entertain the notion that the president of the United States could be held liable for his actions in connection with the illegal invasion of Iraq?

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