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September 27, 2006



What is missing in this post is the violence and corruption that is done to the torturers. With the signing into law of this act the honor of the United States will be lost. The MCA represents our capitualtion in the war of civilations. Was this the responce that Osama was looking for?


Sam9969, you are absolutely right. I gather by justifying violence as the US Congress has done this week, it will be harder to distinguish US military tactics from terrorist tactics.

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Chief Justice Robert's decision for the unanimous Court in in the law school/military recruiting


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I wanted the terrorists who killed the September 11 victims and the terrorists' loved ones to die. But as much as this might be a common human response, it seems to me obvious it is not the right response. lace wigs

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I couldn't agree with you more. Terrorists do not fight in large part over land or resources as is the case with most wars. It's an ideological attack. If in response to terrorism we adapt some of the same ideals and values as the terrorist regimes we find repulsive, are we not letting them win and brining ourselves down to their level? Is that what we truly want in our society? Two wrongs do not make a right. It seems to me that the legislatures, many of whom are also lawyers, should be find a solution to the problem by going back to Law School 101: To get the right answer, you have to first ask the right question.


I think someone being tortured will say anything even if it's not true just to stop the torturer.

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